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Why you need a Social Security Number

Happy New Year to all and Happy Birthday to me!

Today I will be sharing some information with you all on the famous Social Security Number (which will also be referred to as SSN for the purpose of this blog post). A Social Security Number is the closest thing to having a bar code on the back of your neck. A social security number is composed of 9 digits. It is mainly used for identification purposes, and it comes with a social security card. Every individual is assigned a unique social security number sooner or later. I cannot stress enough how important this number is and how much information it carries, so if there is one thing you should remember from this post: do not share your SSN with strangers.

You will need a social security number for employment, tax related things, credit checks (with auto or home buying for example), or even to obtain a fishing license. Applying for a SSN is rather easy but it is contingent on your status in the USA. If you came to the USA as an F-1 student for example, on top of filling out the application, you would have to get a job offer, a letter from the school that states your work eligibility, and then submit it all along with your travel documents to the social security administration. Please note that if you are F-1 student you are not eligible to work outside of your school and your social security card will state “Not Valid for work without DHS authorization”.

Feel free to share this post on SSN with your foreign friends, and also remember to protect yourself from identity thieves!

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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