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Are you leaving money on the table... for the waiter?

Tip: A small sum of money given to someone for performing a service; a gratuity (

Since we just talked about food, let’s discuss the unwritten rules of tipping when eating out. In most cultures, tipping is optional when accepted. However, in the USA waitresses and waiters are paid rather low wages, so they sort of rely on tips to complete their income. Instead of leaving your spare change on the table like you would in France, you should leave 10 ~ 20% of your bill based on the quality of the service (20% for good service, 15% for medium, and 10% for bad service).

If you are having dinner with a group of people (about 6+ people), the gratuity is most of the time added to your bill automatically but you should double check your bill each time just in case.

I would leave a tip at buffet restaurants for the person who clears off the plates and refills drinks because I am always impressed by how quick they do it.

You should definitely tip your pizza delivery guy because the extra delivery charge you paid for does not cover it. Some restaurants have tip jars for to- go orders/ take- out, so it is up to you to leave one or not. The only place where you do not need to tip is fast food restaurant.

To leave a tip with cash, you can either leave cash on the table before leaving, or you can give it to the waiter at the same time you pay for your food or drink. If you pay by credit or debit card, you will notice there is a tip line on your receipt. All you have to do is legibly write the amount you would like to leave for tip, and then recalculate the total. The restaurant will then adjust your charge.

I almost forgot; don’t forget to tip your bartender at the bar!

Feel free to leave your comments and experience (s) about tips below.

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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