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Road Trip to Canada

When crossing the US-Canada border, expect everything from a verbal go ahead to a thorough vehicle inspection with K9 depending on your luck and immigration status. We drove to Canada twice. The first time with a personal car, and the second time with a rental car from Hertz ($96 for 4 days) and had no problem. Make sure to bring your valid passport, insurance, and registration if driving your personal car.

Driving into Toronto

Toronto view

A. First Canada road trip: Toronto

In 2016, Jamaine and I had platinum passes with Cedar Fair that allowed us to go to any of their 13 amusement parks. We visited Kings Island in Ohio, Carowinds in NC, Knotts Berry Farm in California, Cedar Point in OH, and last but not least Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario, Canada during Halloween Haunt.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point

Can’t go to Toronto and not eat at 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower! As implied in its name, it is a revolving restaurant that gives you panoramic views of Toronto. The Prix Fixe Menu includes access to the glass floor for the full CN tower experience.

At the 360 Restaurant

360 restaurant

When I told Coach Hall I was going to Canada for the weekend, he strongly suggested driving to Niagara Falls so I did. The pictures below taken from my iphone 5 do no justice to how amazing and deep the Falls are. It is definitely a must-see in person!

Niagara Falls , Canada Side

B. Second Canada road trip: Quebec

Thousand Islands Bridge

Thousand Islands Bridge

First stop was for food. Had to try some of that Poutine everyone talks about. Next, we shot over to Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. It is Canada's largest church, and comparable to the Sacré Cœur in Paris. We had a whole photo shoot outside before going inside to enjoy a religious moment. After that, we grabbed a delicious cup of French Vanilla Coffee from one of the Tim Hortons in downtown Montreal. We wrapped up day 1 by going to Aléa nightclub.


Poutine Shawarma

St Joseph Oratory

St Joseph Oratory

I have been wanting to go skiing since my first year of middle school, but my parents were always broke and/ or overprotective… Luckily my best friend of 17 years recently moved to Canada, and lives just 30 minutes away from a ski resort! The first time we went to visit them, we had to let the world know that Frozen had nothing on us.



The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

On my next blog post, I might finally drop pictures and comments on my Island Hop /Honeymoon trip to Barbados & Trinidad. Make sure you subscribe to my website to receive fresh blog and shop updates. (Relaunch coming soon) See you next month Babes!

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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