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Road trip during Pandemic and BLM movement

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We just got back from our road trip and it was like no other trip we have ever been on.

The main purpose of getting on the road was to attend a funeral in Clarksville, TN.

Since it was a last minute thing, we did not even consider flying. We picked up a sanitized rental vehicle from Enterprise and packed the baby and our bags.

In a previous post I share tips for travelling with a baby. Check it out HERE.

The first stop was Atlanta. It felt like we had entered a war zone. I was shocked to see the strong military presence all over downtown ATL. I guess they were there to assist the police in case the protests went wild. I was also shocked to be greeted by curfew messages, lack of Atlanta traffic, and deserted streets.

The main reason I was shocked was because we are going through the same pandemic and the BLM movement in South Florida too, but we definitely have zero military presence, the shops are not boarded up, there is still traffic, and people are walking up and down the streets as usual...

Next we took a detour through Kentucky to visit some friends, old stomping grounds, and check on one of our rental properties before making it to the funeral.

The funeral was amazing. I was apprehensive of how the visitation and burial would go with all the social distancing protocols, but it went very well and we were able to pay our respects to our beloved friend the right way.

After that, we shot over to New Orleans to visit Jamaine's best friend before he ships out to the Middle East (he is in the Navy). We were able to have a nice dinner together on Bourbon street. The strip was dead, but some restaurants were open with digital menus and mask wearing staff. Best part was, we did not have to fight the crowds to get to the balconies!

It was really interesting to see how the pandemic is handled from state to state. We have some video footage of the trip on our joint youtube channel: FANDJ VLOGS. Our main topics are real estate investing and pawn shops. If you plan on going on any trips during or after Covid 19, make sure to take your new friends masks and hand sanitizer along!

Live Life Fully + carefully,

France MKB

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