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Trip to Dominican Republic after Americans were found dead in their resort

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Reading the title makes me think about how I love to put myself at risk. First, I went to Cuba while pregnant during the Zika outbreak, then I went to DR after several people were found dead in their resort. We did report the trip a few times, but at the end, we just went for it. yOLo.

We flew there with Southwest for just $246.75/ea. We flew with just carry on luggage, so we changed our money to Dominican pesos and were out of the airport in no time. One of the baggers hooked us up with a private shuttle to our resort and gave us some options for things to do during our stay.

Once we arrived at the resort. We were shocked at how dead it was. It’s like we had the whole resort to ourselves. The pool was empty, the restaurants were empty, and even the casino was empty. We did travel during the offseason but the workers confirmed that it was more deserted than usual.

Nonetheless, we decided to make the most out of it and enjoy our first vacation out of the country since having our baby AJ. We went mudding in the countryside one day after it had rained and it was amazing! The ATV excursion was 3 hours long and they took us to a market where we attended a live cigar class. From there, we drove to a lost river cave for a quick cold dip, and then to the beach. We managed to not get mud all over us unlike the rest of the people taking turns at the showers.

On some days we partook in resort activities such as yoga, Zumba, karaoke night, and resort’s concerts. On other days we adventured out of the resort. We went for a fun day at the nearest beach, and for another fun day at the Bluemall. I wouldn’t recommend shopping at that mall because it’s demasiado caro (too expensive). My favorite parts of the trip were mudding in the countryside, dancing all night at coco bongo, and eating + drinking all the delicious food and exotic cocktails.

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Live Life Fully,

France MKB

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