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Traveling to Cartagena, Colombia

Who would have thought that I would be traveling to Colombia, a country once ran by drug cartels...

We went there to celebrate my sorority sisters 30th birthday and it was totally safe and fun! In this blog post i will share with you all some highlights of our trip as well as some pictures.

The food was great in my opinion, but I also like all the food in the world so you guys will have to go there and taste for yourself (^.^). For now, let’s look at some foodies:

One of the tours we were able to book was to Totumo Mud Volcano. I cannot tell if the volcano was genuine or manmade, but the experience was priceless. First, you float inside the bottomless volcano and get massaged down. Then you have your picture taken before getting washed in the nearby lake.

We also booked a tour to Playa Blanca which is one of the most popular beaches in Cartagena. It was nice, but crowded and the vendors do not take no for an answer. From Playa Blanca you can take a boat to the islands and snorkel, but you would pretty much have to swim at your own risk.

Two things to know before heading to Cartagena, Colombia: 1) Locals do not speak English and do not be surprised if they refer to you as gringos, and 2) the best way to get around is via taxi so make sure you have Colombian Pesos (COP) for the fares.

That’s all I have for today. Come back next month to read about driving to Canada!

Live Life Fully,

France MKB

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