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New York for New Year's Eve... or not

This was my second time going to New York. The goal was to attend the 2018 Ball Drop, but the more we looked at the temperature drop going into it, the more we started having second thoughts. We still booked a basic Airbnb in Brooklyn, a $72.5 one way flight up via Skiplagged, a $60 return bus via Gotobus, and then we got on our way to the big Apple!

We went to Times Square on New Year’s Eve Eve to see if we would be able to withstand the weather while waiting on the ball to drop all day the next day. The conclusion was negative, but I prerecorded my snaps while I was there, and posted them the next day as if I actually stood in the cold all day. GOT’EM!

If you really want to attend the NYC ball drop make sure to do the following: 1) make sure to wear 100 layers because it is colder than you think, 2) bring snacks because you will have to arrive early to secure a good spot, 3) wear adults diapers because there is absolutely no public bathroom.

Here is a quick picture list of some of the cool things I had the chance to do during my two trips to NYC.

In Manhattan

Times Square

Vibe through Times Square.

Jamaine Gordon with Charging bull of Wall Street

Pose with the Charging Bull of Wall Street

France Makabu with Statue of Liberty

Take a boat over to the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Sunset

Or admire it from a distance at sunset

France at Central Park Zoo

Walk around Central Park and its Zoo

National Museum of the American Indian

Visit the National Museum of the American Indian

Beef Noodle Soup

Enjoy an authentic bowl of noodle soup in Chinatown

In Brooklyn

France Makabu at Notorious Big Mural

Check out the Biggie Mural

Brooklyn Bridge

Walk around the DUMBO area

New Edition at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY

Catch an event at Barclays center

Juniors Cheesecake Brooklyn, NY

Eat a slice of Juniors Cheesecake

African Queen Boutique in Brooklyn, NY

Shop at an African Fabric Store

Jamaican Curry Goat

Eat Caribbean Food!

That's it for today, but make sure to visit my online store and come back next month to read about my trip to South Ameriiiiiiicccccaaaaaa!

Always Live Life Fully, France MKB

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