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Solo Trip To The Jersey Shore

Ever since I went on my first group trip as an adult (Haiti), I have been eager to see how it would feel to travel solo, be on MY own time, and explore as much or as little as I want... I booked a flight to New Jersey, read through some solo female travel blogs, and asked people for thoughts/ tips/ insights on solo female travel. It came to a point where just thought of going on a solo trip became somehow empowering... This is how it went.

1. The trip

I flew into Philadelphia then took trains to Atlantic City. Once I got there, i settled into my Airbnb for a few before heading out. I got to the Absecon lighthouse before they closed, but after cutoff time to climb up :( I was really looking forward to climbing up there, so that was a bummer. I walked over to the Steel pier and Boardwalk which was nice and clean with perfect weather. The boardwalk has ice cream stands, gift shops, stores, massage parlors, and access to the beach of course. I walked all the way down to the Tropicana then took the $4 tram back up the boardwalk because these legs here were tired! Only to find out that my next stop ( Tanger Outlets) was close to where I was before getting on the tram SMH. The next day I had my mind set on going to a pool, so I went to The Pool at Harrah's because it was only $10 to get in vs. $25 at the Golden Nugget’s H2O. I spent about half a day there soaking in the hot tub, drinking mimosas, eating lunch at the bar, and talking to strangers. Then, I decided to start making my way back to Philly and have a Steve’s philly cheese steak sandwich for dinner before relaxing like a queen in my 4 star hotel. The next day I roamed through the downtown area and took hundreds of pictures before meeting up with my sorority sister @queenleeca for some shopping.

2. Conclusion

Solo travel is definitely freeing since you do not have to wait on everyone book their travel, request off work, pick activities that everyone would like, pick food places where everyone can eat, and all that extra stuff. You get to do you and I really liked that part. I do wish I had somebody to go out with while in Atlantic City though. From looking at nearby Instagram stories, it looked like the Pool after dark was lit! The only part I hated was when a pretty eyed junkie came harassing me for money as I was trying to order some lunch at a Philly Gyro Stand. I guess since I had my camera around my neck and my nice gold MK watch on my wrist he bypassed everyone else in the line and assumed I was balling out. I refused to give him money, but went ahead and bought him some lunch too. Best believe I put that camera up and turned the face of my watch towards me after that incident! Other than that, I felt pretty safe taking the train, bus, and staying out until 8 ~9 p.m. I made sure to update my locations on social media though just in case. Overall, this was a nice little way to start off solo travel. I wouldn't say I will be travelling solo from now on, but I would not have a problem doing it if it comes down to it.

Flight from BNA to PHL: $199.40

Train fares from Philadelphia Airport to Atlantic City: $17.5

Airbnb away from Atlantic City Casinos: $45.10

Ride-share While in Atlantic City: $47.5

Bus ride from Atlantic City to Downtown Philadelphia $18

4 Star Hotel in Rittenhouse Square: $81.02

See you next month for the tale of my Epic Multicultural Wedding Reception. In the meantime, check out my online store and treat yourself or a loved one to some Afroprint fashion. All crew necks are in stock and the custom skirts are ready to ship in 21 days or less!

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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