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Bahamas Vibes

Welcome back to my blog everyone! This Bahamas Vibes post features less text, but more pictures taken with my new camera. You guys have been asking me how much all these trips cost, so from now on I will try to at least include the cost of flights and accommodations at the end of each travel post.

1. Cruising

This was my first time on a cruise and I definitely see why people love them so much. You check in, get on board, and then you have everything within walking distance. Restaurants, bars, casino, disco, pools, bedroom, gym, daycare, and entertainment shows all in one huge smooth - riding boat. The food and $25 WiFi weren’t the best, but I loved the dancing show . I was not allowed to take pictures inside the auditorium, but in brief they had performers from all over the world with amazing costumes and dance moves. I didn’t want to go in at first, but I ended up working my way to the front row and staying until the end!

2. The Bahamas

We reached Freeport in no time since it is only 88 miles / 141 km from West Palm Beach, but we did not disembark until the next morning. After rushing to immigration to request a stamp on my passport, I chose to first go on a Freeport Tour that took us around the commercial and residential areas. Second, to Port Lucaya Marketplace where we had the opportunity to taste the local fried lobster and fried conch, and also buy souvenirs. Last, we went to Lighthouse Pointe Resort where we participated in beach games, rode on a banana boat, and enjoyed the rest of our Bahamas day in the white sand beach and clear blue water.

Flight from BNA to PBI: $226.60 Weekend Cruise + Taxes: $216

Misc. Cruise Cost: $26.90

Next I am going on a solo trip to the Jersey Shore, so come back next month for a brand new post!

Live Life Fully, France Mkb

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