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The hidden side of dating foreign P.O.V

Interracial Couple

Everything has to be foreign these days. From foreign cars, to foreign money, to foreign women, it is to the point where people are claiming they are foreign on their Instagram bio when they’re not. I guess there is something about being from another country that automatically makes you attractive, but I do not know anything about that. Let’s talk about how I see it affect my relationship.

1. Language Situations

I don’t think we can go a few days without having a little language situation. I have been in the USA for many years now, but there are still some words I just never heard and when I hear them for the first time it’s like I’m fresh off the boat. I do my crazy face. He keeps saying it in different tones or louder in attempt to help me find it in some corner of my brain. It always fails. I end up asking him for the spelling and then sometimes googling it, but by the time I do all that the momentum of the conversation is ruined. It’s either that or sometimes when I get excited about whatever it is that I am talking about, I start speaking faster than my shadow and my words sound less and less English. Then of course, I have to repeat myself and it becomes another -just forget it- moment.

2. Food

We all have some foods we grew up eating and we would like to have every once in a while. Only thing is when you are dating foreign, your significant other does not know the same recipes and dishes. Yes you can grab a recipe book, or look it up online, but it is never the same. Also, if you are the foreigner and decide to prepare your home dishes anyways, you have to brace yourself for comments such as “what is this”, “what is this smell”, or “this looks interesting”. To make it easier on myself, I just stick to general and recognizable meals.

3. Friends and families

When you are dating foreign you definitely have to take into consideration the fact back that you guys friends and family will have some reservations towards your relationship. The two biggest concerns for me have been questioning about dating outside of my “race”, and also questioning on the legitimacy of my relationship. These are some concerns you might have in other types of relationships too, but people in general just need to learn to accept and respect things for what they are.

Those are just a few things to have in mind before going foreign. It all makes for a fun relationship though :)

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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