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Reach out for help as often as needed

When you leave your country for the USA where you no longer have the support system you had established at home, you may face some situations that are hard to face alone and feel helpless. In my case, there were times when I was homesick, times when I was broke, times when I was homeless, and I did not know who to turn to for help. At this point you may wonder why I did not simply reach out to my friends or family and the answer is simple; I was being dumb.

I always felt like I should not be asking my parents back home for anything because they already sacrificed enough by sending me here. In my mind, it was clear that I needed to be the one helping them out and not the other way around. Also, I always felt some type of way about asking my age-mates for help because I believed we were all stuggling in our own ways. At the end of the day (aka when the struggle became too real), I finally started reaching out to people for help and it did not take too long for me to get out of those situations without making poor decisions.

Sometimes help is just a word of advice, a good set of ears, a job referral, or a warm hug. Moral of the story is: when you need help don't be afraid to ask for it. You can always reach out to your friends, classmates, professors, local counsellors, etc... There is always somebody out there ready to give a helping hand. Your job is to reach out because if you don't tell me what you need, I can't know.

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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