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36 hours in Cancun, Mexico - Part 3

france makabu with friends on cancun sign

Part 3: Day Two in Cancun

Our goal for that day was to try to experience Cancun as much as a local as possible. Let us put emphasis on the word try. After a quick look at the beach, we hoped on a bus and rode to downtown Cancun where we grabbed a map, had lunch, walked around, and visited Mercado 28. Food and drinks downtown are much cheaper than in the Zona Hotelera. It was really easy to navigate through downtown with a map and people were really nice with us when we asked for directions. Now let us talk about the the market.

There is a really cool Cancun sign right in front of it so we got our photo shoot on. It is a nice size flea market, but only tourists go there so the prices are much higher than they need to be. All the vendors want you to visit their booth so they are very pushy and younger vendors try to lure you in with free tequila shots. My girlfriends and I look pretty amazing, so everyone wanted to take pictures with us. It seems every vendor sold that same apron with the “special surprise”. It was fun the first few times one was pulled out, but it quickly got uncomfortable so we left.

We ordered mangoes from a street vendor and took a taxi back to the bus station because we had walked quite a bit to find this market. Bus fares are very cheap, I don’t think we spent more than 2 usd total to go downtown and back. We went to Mandala Beach to relax afterwards and it was fantastic with white sand and clear water. I love the beach so it was definitely the highlight of my 36 hours in Mexico!

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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