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36 hours in Cancun, Mexico

Finding my way in Cancun

Two weekends ago I went and spent 36 hours in Cancun, Mexico with my two American Haitian girlfriends. This is the 3 part story of how it all went down:

Part 1: The Arrival

I landed at the airport, went through border control fine, and then went straight to the ATM to withdraw some Mexican Pesos (MNX). I withdrew $5000 MNX which cost me $241 USA + $12.24 of ATM and bank fees. Now that I think about it, I really should have gotten the pesos at my bank counter since they only charge $10 to change any amount of money into any currency… After that, I found an outlet to charge my forever dying iphone, take a picture for snapchat, and order an Uber to take me to this wax place called the Epil’center ASAP. I had set an appointment there for 6 p.m. via their Facebook page a couple of days prior. Everything was pretty basic until I walked out the airport searching for this Uber.

The Uber driver calls and instructs me to meet him at the control tower because he can’t get any closer. You really can’t miss this tower. It has a huge Corona Logo on it and it’s about 1 minute walk from the main exit so no big deal. Mind you all the taxi drivers are at the gate waiting/ harassing you to get into their cab. Some taxi driver starts following me. He was like: “Where are you going? You need a taxi? Who are you calling? Is it Uber? Uber is illegal here! Don’t take Uber! You will get fined by the police! Tell him to meet you here!” If I weren’t a professional traveler, this might have scared me off. But since I am one, it did not. I figured it was some tactic used to get people in his taxi and I kept power walking to my Uber.

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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