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5 ways to “save” money on your Spring Break Trip!

Spring Break is here! My top 3 Spring Break Destinations are: South Beach Miami in Florida, Panama City Beach in Florida, and Cancun in Mexico. Here are 5 free ways to "save" on your Spring Break Trip:

1. Plan ahead: Hotels and resorts get booked up quickly, so the earlier you make your reservation the better, especially if you want a decent hotel. The law of supply and demand says: high demand when low supply=>> high price.

2. Car pool, ride share: Ride with some friends, it would cost less for you and your friends to ride together rather than for each of you to drive separately. It will also be cheaper than flying in most cases.

3. Sleepover: Get all your party in a big spot and split the cost. Make sure your friends are trustworthy to avoid drama, damages, and theft.

4. BYOB and food: Cooking your own food and fixing your own juice is more cost efficient than eating and drinking out. Wait until you get down there to do your grocery shopping to give you all enough room in the vehicle. We all have that one friend who packs way too much stuff!

5. Stay home: One easy way to “save” money is not to spend. You could utilize that free time to catch up on some work, catch up with family, read a book, or explore your city. Then, in order to truly save money, deposit the money you would have spent on a fancy sprink break trip into a savings account :)

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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