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Homecoming basics

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

france makabu mtsu homecoming queen campaign flyer

Homecoming: Annual celebration held by a university, college, or school, for former students (

In honor of Western Kentucky University’s Homecoming (one of my Alma matters) this weekend, let’s talk about homecoming. As a foreigner, you probably have no idea what homecoming really consist of. My first year at a U.S school, I completely overlooked it and missed all the fun events. I wish someone would have to me about it, so that I could partake in some of the festivities but then again, they probably told me and I just didn’t get it lol!

In brief, former students who graduated from the school (aka alumni) come back to the school on some weekend set by the school for a bunch of fun with fellow schoolmates and friends. The main activities you should expect to have during homecoming are:

  1. Homecoming parade: it features marching bands, sports teams, cheerleaders, sororities, fraternities and other organization's floats. The people in the parade would usually walk around campus and through the main streets of the city and be cheered on by the kids and fans along the way.

  2. Homecoming game and tailgate: the game could be American football, soccer, or basketball depending on the school. Tailgating probably needs a blog post by itself because it is also one of those cultural things you don’t simply learn about before coming to the USA. Basically, it is a huge pre game celebration where people fellowship, play games, eat, and drink.

  3. Homecoming court: prior to homecoming, a couple of students will run and campaign for the title of homecoming king and queen. The voting takes place a couple of days before homecoming and the winners are announced during half time of the game. I ran for homecoming queen once (see campaign picture) and it was A LOT of fun.

Homecoming activities differ from one school to another. Some other fun homecoming activities are step show, bonfire, battle of the bands, party and pep rally. I like to also go to other school’s homecoming and see how they do things. Feel free to leave your comments and homecoming experience (s) below.

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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