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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

You have probably seen it in movies. It is that ceremony that takes place at the end of a school year to honor students who completed their degree. Depending on where you are from, you may or may not have participated in a graduation ceremony before. I graduated from high school back in 2008 with a Baccalauréat in Science with a concentration in Physics and Chemistry. From what I remember, we took our last final and walked out the high school gate for the very last time after 3 intense years. A couple of weeks later, we had to go to another high school (I’m guessing where our exams were graded), and check the front board to find out if we passed and graduated, if we had to take a make-up assignment to try to get some crucial extra points, or if we just failed. Luckily I passed right away, but I kid you not: my high school years were some of the most stressful years of my young life. Anyways, that was it for me and my class. No huge ceremony, no cap, and no gown :/

In the USA it is different; you get to dress up, get your hair done, get your nails done, decorate your cap, take great pictures, invite your family and just celebrate! There are speeches, guest speakers, a stage, and even sometimes balloons dropping from the ceiling. Students get to wear saches and/or cords reflecting the organization (s) they belong to. International students get to wear a sash displaying their country's flag. Completing a degree is no easy job and after completing my bachelors, I was glad to finally have a proper graduation ceremony where my friends and even my mother came all the way from France to watch me walk across the stage and get my diploma (well just the cover, we had to go pick up the actual diploma later on lol).

After completing a masters degree most people are over the whole graduation situation, but not me. I was super hype. I had to honor to be the French flag carrier, and I even took a selfie with the president right there on the stage ha! I want to congratulate all my readers who will be graduating this upcoming weekend. Well done all!

Please feel free to share your graduation experiences in the comment box below. I would like to know your thoughts :)

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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