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Jack O Lantern

Growing up in France, my African parents were against Halloween so they would not let us celebrate it. However one year they bought us each a scream ghost mask and we went around the apartment and scared each other all night. A couple of hours later, most of us could not go to sleep and those who did had nightmares all night. After that, my parents reinforced that we shall never celebrate this holiday again.

Most holidays are taken to the next level in the USA. When Halloween is around the corner, you see stores transforming into Halloween centers with all types of candy, costumes, and pumpkins placed forward. You might even have noticed that Halloween Express big orange tent that popped up in your city overnight.

On October 31st, children accompanied with parents or adults will go from door to door seeking for candy. It is called Trick or Treat. Some churches, schools, or other organizations will provide alternative Halloween celebrations usually called Trunk or Tread and includes activities such as car carnivals, inflatables, etc… Those are usually great volunteering opportunities.

I went trick or treating for the first time at age 20 with my American family and I had fun getting a full semester supply of sweets!

If you are a cool teenager or young adult, you might get invited to a Halloween costume party and party all night dressed as your favorite character. Another Halloween thing to do is visit a haunted house or haunted maze. How this works is that for a fee you get to enjoy being scared as you go along the maze or house. I went to two haunted mazes and one haunted house and totally got my money's worth of screaming and cold sweats.

Happy Haloween!

Live Life Fully,

France Mkb

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