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Euro Tour: London, Milan, Venice, Paris right before Covid 19

I did not upload this post earlier because I did not want people to accuse me of bringing covid 19 to the USA... Literally a few weeks after our return from Europe, the whole world shut down. Here is a look back on our trip.

Paris: I am from Paris, but this was my first time coming back since having my daughter AJ. We had the chance to show her off to family members and friends. In spite of the numerous strikes from common transportation workers, we were able to do some sight seeing to the Champs Elysee, Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower of course. Beware of pick pockets while in Paris.

Milan: We took a quick flight from Paris to explore Milan. We went on a guided walking tour of the city, and attempted to find a good pizza place. It was so crowded with tourists that we had to eat our pizza standing up in the restaurant lol. We loved spending time at Plaza di Duomo which seems to be the ultimate hang out spot after and/or before shopping.

Venice: God bless the Flixbus; It was only $30/pers to take a bus from Milan to Venice round trip! The buses are very comfy and there is charge ports + free WIFI. We had a great time in walking and boating through the Floating City. My favorite parts were the iconic Gondola ride, The waterbus/ taxis, and Basilica Di San Marco by night.

London: We took another flight to London this time. We wanted to spend my birthday there. Unfortunately Big Ben was under construction, but we were able to navigate the underground and see the London Eye, China Town, and also walk around Picadilly Square. In the evening, we caught an exciting remake of Romeo and Juliet at a local theater. Later that night, we took a taxi cab over to the Tower Bridge for epic Bday photos that were posted on Instagram earlier this year. Follow #francemkbtravel on Instagram for my best travel photos. Next is Jamaica!

Live, Life, Fully + Covid free,

France MKB

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