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Relocating to Florida, the Sunshine State

I am finally all settled in Florida! I always wanted to live down south, but I never imagined it would be before my thirties . Husbae got a coaching opportunity and moved here last summer. I stayed up in Kentucky a little longer to handle business like finding tenants for my rental properties, being an Afroprint vendor for some more universities in Kentucky, and also to get my last 2018 travels in because all my flights were leaving out of Nashville, TN.

I moved down here exactly a week after having Amandla Jace. We said bye to as many friends as we could, packed all our things into a moving truck, and drove 13+ hours to Florida with the new grandparents! We left Kentucky right before it got really cold. I can’t even describe how great it feels to walk outside in 75+ degrees almost everyday. Moreover, our condo has a beautiful view on a lake and we live 10 minutes away from the beach which makes this Florida life even more awesome and peaceful.

I hung my Florida real estate licence with Century 21 a few weeks ago. Amandla Jace and I are already on a roll. We have already done open houses, showings, meetings with clients and more. Definitely reach out if you’re thinking about vacationing, renting, buying, or selling real estate in South, Florida. I will help you find your perfect next home or income property.

This year we have 15/50 states left to visit. Definitely stay connected to follow the remaining of this road to 50 states. It’s going to be epic!

Live Life Fully,

France MKB

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